Hair loss is an upcoming problem for many of the women. Here are some ways to fight the hair loss problems.

Today many men and women are facing an issue of hair loss and this hair thinning problem become cause of insufficient confidence as well as damage your personality. Hair loss is an upcoming problem for many of the women. Such hair loss is likely consequence of poor lifestyle habits, hormonal changes, disease, sudden weight loss or gain or reactions of medications.

Hair loss is one of the major concerns of everybody these days. It affects both women and men. A thick and beautiful hair complements your appearance and helps you to be more confident about yourself. One need to realize that hair thinning in women is a very common and widespread health problem. Here are some ways to fight the hair loss problems.

Hot Oil Treatments

Hot oil treatment or an oil massage is effective to keep the hair healthy. Coconut, olive or canola oil nourishes hair and prevents them from falling. Heat the oil until warm and massage it on the scalp for some time. Shampoo hair after an hours time.


Many times, it is observed that tension and stress are two of the major reasons for hair loss. Meditation helps reduce the tension and stress, which in exchange prevent further loss of hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar

An interesting addition to the diet, cider vinegar is really a relatively unappreciated substance but its rich mineral support and metabolism boosting ability supports many physiological systems.

Herbal Mixture

Mix a variety of herbs together such as: Burdock, Nettle, Sage, And Rosemary for starters. You should boil them all together then strain from the leaves and wash hair with the solution every day.


One of the most overlooked and under promoted method to stimulate new hair growth is to simply exercise. Whenever you exercise you get the blood flowing during your entire body including the scalp.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera makes hair thick and healthy. It has an enzyme called superoxide dismutane in addition to it has the ability to trigger the development of nitric oxide which stimulates hair growth in people who have male like baldness.

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

Green Tea Treatment

Green tea has powerful antioxidants that prevent hair loss and promote growth of new hair. It’s extensively used in China. Brew two bags of green tea in only one cup of water. Let it cool to a tolerable temperature after which apply it to your hair. Leave it for an hour and then rinse thoroughly using cold water.

Enhance Your Diet

Adding a few extra milligrams of vitamin A, E and B will improve your natural hair growth. Vitamin A is an antioxidant that induces healthy hormonal balance. Vitamin E increases blood circulation which in turn boosts the productivity of your hair follicles. Moreover, vitamin B provides your hair a natural healthy color and shine.